Uniqueness is the Goal


I have always loved fashion and unique styles. In fact when I was younger my mother gave me a monthly allowance to buy my own clothes because I didn’t like the generic ones she purchased for me. I paid attention to trends but always found different things to try. In junior high school I bought a pair of wide wail corduroys that were a different color on each panel, four in total. When I wore them to school I heard so many comments but the most popular one was, “can’t you afford one pair of pants?” I loved wearing them because I knew no one else had a pair, either because they thought they were ridiculous or they didn’t want to also be teased.




As an adult when I find and then wear something a little different I am often asked where I found the item and even more often, since I have a store, do I carry the item and get it for them too. My new favorite is my raffia straw platform shoes by, Robert Clergerie in Paris. I have been stopped many times, even by strangers, and asked where I purchased them. Actually I bought them in Montecito last March while traveling through California visiting colleges with my children. I saw them, tried them on and fell in love mostly because I was so surprised how comfortable they are to wear.




When you open or step into your closet do you feel like it’s a walk down memory lane? Looking through mine brings back great memories of journeys where I purchased something beautiful and timeless, events where I wore a great outfit, or special moments where I felt comforted or extra stylish.




While I’m designing clothes or searching out new designers to carry in my store on Nantucket I’ve learned to follow my gut instincts and my own sense of style. Visitors to the store are Nantucket residents, tourists visiting the island or daytrippers coming over for a fun day of power shopping. One of my favorite parts of owning REMY is meeting so many great new people. My hope is that they purchase items in the store that then remind them of their experience on Nantucket whether it’s a day, week or season. Nantucket is a special place and I hope when a customer wears items they’ve purchased from us, they smile.



We’re announcing a new service at REMY: Personally Curated 4U


We’ve gotten to know lots of our clients and their tastes over the years so as new pieces arrive or are created we reach out to share them directly before adding them to the site or store shelves. In addition while I travel to show rooms I am working with clients to bring them pieces ahead of the current season keeping their style and closets fresh. If you’d like to join this new service please contact Remy to have some fun as we talk through our new-member questionnaire. 




Shoulders are a big deal again for SS18. They’re poking out cutouts on cute tops, showing off above ruffle topped dresses (like our Petite Jolie) and shining when strapless pieces are worn. Our Petite Jolie has been such a hit for us, we love receiving pictures from customers wearing them all over the world. We’d love to hear from you to know if we should revamp our design for the upcoming season?


shoulder pics.jpg