About Us

First of all, thank you for clicking on “Our Story”/”About” tab in the menu. It’s flattering to know you’d like to learn more about REMY and Remy. (?)
Remy is her eponymous brand REMY. She is a breath of fresh air with a mostly sunny disposition. (Let’s be real, who’s really sunny ALL the time?) She loves her life living in the city of Boston but finds peace when she is near the water on any beach or boat. She’s faced challenges head on and found laughter in the greatest sadness. With a love of bright colors, she surrounds herself in them, seeks them out for her designs and gravitates towards them in art and nature. Remy has an adventurous spirit so when she set off to follow a dream of starting a business in fashion she strove to create designs that can be worn by a wide spectrum of various ages, interests, locations and walks of life. Our hope is that you can see all of this when you look through Remy’s designs, more importantly when you wear them.
For a glimpse behind the curtain here are some of her favorites:
Drink: Tequila on the rocks
Song: Higher Love – Steve Winwood
Movie: French Kiss
Line from a movie: “All you people make my ass hurt.” Meg Ryan in French Kiss - the best.
Color: Turquoise
Musical: Wicked
Location: The beach at the end of a hot day, after swimming in the waves, needing a sweater to watch the sunset
Outfits: Summer – short swing dress over bathing suit
Winter – jeans, cashmere sweater and boots
Jean jackets year round
Friday Night: Anything with my guy
You have our heartfelt appreciation for following us on this journey and allowing me to live out a dream of an interesting life sharing precious moments with my kids