About Us

What started out as a whim has turned into a true passion.

I didn't set out to own retail stores but when the opportunity was presented, I jumped at it and haven't looked back. Hands down my favorite part about working in my shops is the people I meet, the conversations we have and the relationships that are formed. 

When I am designing my eponymous line REMY, or searching for new brands to carry, I gravitate towards colors and prints that evoke happiness and brightness. Style is so personal and mine is constantly changing. I truly believe that the right ensemble can make your day better.

For a glimpse behind the curtain here are some of her favorites:

Drink: Tequila on the rocks

Song: Higher Love – Steve Winwood

Movie: French Kiss

Line from a movie: “All you people make my ass hurt.” Meg Ryan in French Kiss - the best.

Color: Turquoise

Musical: Wicked

Location: The beach at the end of a hot day, after swimming in the waves, needing a sweater to watch the sunset

Outfits: Summer – short swing dress over bathing suit

Winter – jeans, cashmere sweater and boots

Jean jackets year round