‘Tis the Season

Giving – Receiving – Celebrating - Repeat

We start off each December (well almost December, actually end of November) with a day of giving thanks for all of our blessings then immediately roll into three days of bargain shopping for everything we think we need and lastly end this stretch with a day to “give back” whatever disposable funds we have leftover. In the middle of these days is a day to shop at small businesses and that includes REMY so I appreciate it. However, since the day before #shopsmall is Black Friday when everyone in the country is looking for some incredible bargain, and the Monday afterward is #cybermonday when again bargains are being sought, shoppers enter a small business on Saturday wanting to know what they can get a deal on. FYI – when small businesses, especially retail stores, offer sales and bargains our bottom lines are affected more than the big box stores who work sales into their overall budgets. 

I’d love to know the marketing teams that put these days and themes together because what was meant to help retail has, in fact, hurt it in the long run and created a mindset of consumers thinking they are getting screwed if buying anything at full price.


As a designer who manufactures my eponymous styles in the United States, specifically in the Boston area, and in limited quantities it is more expensive for me to make every piece versus shipping work overseas to be produced. I strive to create quality pieces that will be worn for years, are classic and fairly priced. It is a passion and when I see someone out and about either live or in photos wearing something I designed or sold to them there is nothing more rewarding. If you’re with me when I spot someone you’ll see a big smile creep across my face.

So, at this time of….

Giving – so much thanks for my customers who have become friends, my business growing and the new REMY designs and designers joining our shops in 2020.

Receiving – the support, encouragement, and accolades for REMY are so worth every sore muscle, hiccup we’ve had (and learned from) and sleepless night.

Celebrating – accomplishments, hurdles overcome, friendships made, and the incredible community of entrepreneurs who boost each other up and keep us all moving towards our dreams. 

And now Repeat – bring on 2020! 




ALSO, as an fyi we have the following pop up, so stop on by:
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