“I watch the ripples change their size”

Change can be scary, change can be good, change can be challenging but ultimately change helps you grow.
This last part couldn’t have been truer for REMY this past summer. We experienced a bunch of changes professionally and personally, and grew so much. 


On Nantucket, we packed up at #16 Old South Wharf in the Spring and moved down the Wharf to #2, a bigger, brighter more open space that immediately felt like home. We nicknamed it our little “Beach Shack” and filled it with REMY designs, our first bathing suit line (Hollie Watman) and some super fun new resort lines. Our favorite part was watching those REMY bags fly out the door then seeing our styles all over the island. It was incredibly rewarding and always put a smile on my face.

Our team this summer was eclectic, dedicated and so much fun. 

Our customers made me laugh, smile and brought me into their worlds with honest stories, confessions and were genuinely happy that we came back for another year on Nantucket. For the record – we’re not going anywhere, Nantucket is part of who we are and is in my heart.

Doubling our family size by marrying Garth in June, well that was the personal change this summer. If you stopped in the store you saw photos lining a wall and if you didn’t see them personally, you’ll just have to keep an eye on @remycreations on Instagram where I post one every once in a while.
Season 2019 gave me so much energy and confidence to move forward in a much larger way by committing to brands that I love, reps that I have so much fun working with, and getting me back into the studio to design for SS/20. 
Thank you for continuing on this journey with me.
Grab a seat – so much more is coming!