Honored to be supporting Mass General caregivers

After a perfectly timed email from a friend outlining the needs of Mass General caregivers we are honored to be supporting them by making as many masks as quickly as we can (not medical grade N95), then taking donations for them via my Venmo @Remy-Stressenger.

Mass General needs 500 meals each day at $10 per meal provided by The Chef's Table, a COVID-19 approved local caterer owned by Mark and Julie Ellis.

Caretakers and cleaning staffs are working around the clock while all we have to do is stay home to help them.

With red tape and specific protocols it is hard to even get food to nourish workers delivered. The Chef's Table made sure to get that approval and now they too are working long hours to make these meals.
Now it’s our turn to work long hours making masks. If you'd like to buy our masks you certainly can but better yet, find something else you love on our site to purchase and then Venmo Remy a donation in whatever amount feels right for you.
Boy does it feel good!
Working together with great, talented friends to help even a little is so rewarding and right.
Please support us in helping them. Every $10 feeds someone for a day who is certainly stressed, tired and saving lives.
You can also donate directly at:  https://www.tctcatering.com