It's in the air

Can you see it?                   Can you feel it?                     Can you smell it?


                                                           Spring is on its way!

There is a palpable shift in the air in Boston when Spring is getting closer even though we know we can’t count on it coming smoothly. Part of the joy of living in New England is the unpredictable daily and weekly changes in the weather. Last week we had two 70’ days when everyone was out on the streets and in the parks sporting short sleeves leaving their coats at home. Only those unaccustomed to our climate walked out their front door with their down jacket and hat. The next day it snowed – welcome to New England.



I love all seasons which is one of the reasons the Northeast is my home base. Anticipation of the next season means changing up the wardrobe and Spring into Summer bring out favorite clothes and colors. After two summers of shoulders showing off in so many different styles I was ready to start designing something new to highlight but guess what? Those sexy shoulders will be out again this spring and summer, and at least one of my new designs will keep yours showing. One reason exposing shoulders has remained a key element of so many designs is that it is a body part that when exposed universally looks great whether you’re tall, short, thin, curvy; shoulders are sexy and the style is flattering.

IMG_7975 (1).jpg


As I walk through trade shows and showrooms deciding on items I’d like to carry in the shop on Nantucket, on the website, or bring to Trunk Shows, I gravitate towards bright colors and stripes. As the season gets closer it is so fun to start receiving everything I’ve ordered. My focus then becomes sharing that excitement with customers who I know will love new pieces too!!! 

remy bag blog pic.jpg

Stay tuned and keep an eye on our Instagram for all the new looks we can't wait to share: @remystressenger