The loves of my life

I have two children and I consider them my greatest blessing in life. I don’t take them--or the moments I get to spend with them--for granted. They have spent their summers growing up on Cape Cod taking sailing lessons or chilling out, which is what I think summer is all about. We start most mornings walking on the beach with our dog looking for treasures that the waves washed ashore during the night. We end most days with incredible sunsets. And at least once each summer we have been lucky enough to see a rainbow. All three of these natural beauties are some of my favorite things in life and where I find inspiration and awe.

Finding a perfectly intricate seashell while on vacation or the simple ones that are here in New England make me feel like I’ve found a treasure. There are jars on my entrance table that hold some of the gems I’ve found through the years, and each time I walk by them, I smile.


The breathtaking colors that sunrise and sunset bring each day are sheer magic, and another one of my life treasures. While my son was away at school this year one of the ways he stayed in touch was to send me photos of the sunrises he saw near the water. It makes me so happy to know that he appreciates the awesomeness of their beauty and felt compelled to say “good morning” to me with an image he knew I’d love. As he has been my beachcomber companion since he was a little, memories of walking coastlines with him, sometimes carrying him, are some of my most precious.

My third treasure: rainbows. I grew up loving rainbows. I had rainbow wallpaper in my bedroom, rainbow moonboots in the winter, rainbow jewelry, etc. I’m sure it’s part of the reason I love vibrant colors. In each home I’ve lived in, and some of my apartments, there hasn’t been a white room. Each room is painted or wallpapered in a rich color. My love of color is what draws me to eye-catchingly, gorgeous fabrics and drives me to create the next pieces to add to our portfolio of designs.


Stay tuned – I just found my next bolt of fabric…..