The Herringbone Story

   I've been asked a few times why I only use herringbone for my wool and cashmere shawls. Given the fact that it is difficult to find the "hand"of herringbone in the wool and cashmere that I want, why do I continue to use this particular pattern.

   The herringbone pattern has always reminded me of my father. When I was a little girl he wore herringbone blazers often and when I got a little older, my mother kept his old blazers up in our attic. I used to climb up into the attic and put my hands in the pockets and find treasures there that he had left long ago. Once in a while I would try on those blazers and feel like I was getting a hug from him. It was the closest I could come to getting one of his hugs because my father died when I was seven years old.

  When you're that young and lose a parent it's hard to find ways to keep them in your life and to keep a sense of them around you. Herringbone has always reminded me of him, as well as daisies. Every painting I've ever done contains a small daisy in my signature.

   I have a very strong faith and I have always believed that objects and people are put into our lives for specific reasons. To guide us or lead us on the path that we are meant to take. I believe that when I was searching for the first fabric to use for my shawl design and stumbled upon a gorgeous navy and white herringbone, it was meant to be. While I've seen other wools and cashmeres that would look gorgeous as shawls I haven't deviated from the herringbone pattern. I believe that somehow my dad has a hand in my success and that continues to drive me forward.

   I truly hope that when you wear one of my shawls you feel the love that goes into every stitch.