Love is in the air...

As February 14th approaches and most people think about all things red and pink I am obsessing over an exclusive design that I have to use on a number of fabrics for new pieces to add to the REMY line. It has several shades of pink on a white background and will appear on my new rompers, flowing pants, maybe even some t-shirts. Having the ability to design and manufacture the ideas that pop into my head has opened up my heart in a new way. I feel so lucky to be able to follow this dream and fortunate that things are falling into place.

When we’re young, our parents tell us to follow our passions, that the sky is the limit and we can do anything. For a period of time I think we all believe that, and then some of life’s realities set in as we begin to find jobs, start families and live. I think we forget that we really can do anything we set our minds to and that the sky really is the limit.

I have come full circle now and truly believe my parents’ mantras once again. I do believe that if I put my heart into my dream of creating a beautiful line of clothing and accessories that friends and new customers will feel the commitment, passion and love that goes into each design. My hope is that my pieces will become some of the “go to” items in your wardrobe as they already are in mine.

So, as February 14th draws near it is my hope that you find yourself surrounded by love and that you stay tuned…I’ve got some announcements and new designs that I know will make your heart sing!